Before being named a Partner at Tang Media Partners, Charlie Cohen served in a corporate role as MGM's Senior Executive Vice President and had bottom line divisional responsibility as the Chief Operating Officer role of MGM's Motion Picture Group. 

Cohen, a graduate of Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, began his entertainment career with Metro Goldwyn Mayer as a Financial Analyst. He rose through the corporate ranks, becoming responsible for the company's financial and strategic planning and business development activities, and treasury functions including the structuring of over $10 billion in various company credit facilities, project financing and film funds. 

Charlie was involved in the valuation and purchase of both Orion Pictures and the Polygram film libraries. He played a key role in structuring a minority interest purchase of the Rainbow channels (AMC, Bravo and IFC) as well as launching MGM’s 100% owned channel business.

As COO of MGM’s motion picture group, he structured and led the negotiations on a number of multi-year, multi-picture co-production/co-financing and distribution arrangements including a 5 year, 10+ picture deal with Sony; a 5 year worldwide home video distribution arrangement with Fox; and a $1 billion deal with Warner Bros. for the production and release of two Hobbit films.

Cohen oversaw all business and operational functions of the division, including development and overhead budgets, production budgets, greenlight analytics, business affairs and all talent deal negotiations and physical and post production for all films. He was also was responsible for the Stargate television franchise and the production of three separate Stargate series (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Universe) as well as two direct to video Stargate movies. Cohen also started and ran MGM’s low budget and MOW production business producing 17 movies.